vizualne rešitve

Let the people feel your true “vibe” through images.


Production Of Visual Solutions.


A well thought-out board is the secret weapon of every brand!

Behind every good brand, wedding, event, show and fashion collection stands a well-thought-out mood board, the perfect visual story.


The myth that only the rich and the famous can afford a personal stylist has long been refuted.


Individual Style Consutling.


Maybe you overdo it with fashion accessories, or the clothes that you have in your closet no longer inspire you and it seems to you as if the spirit of time has already overwhelmed your fashion sense. I am here for you, to show you how easy we can transform your wardrobe and upgrade your everyday look.


Vibe s kolažem

I create my inspirational artistic ideas in the form of collages.


Collage Art.


Let them inspire you, too. My goal is to allow things and ideas to attract attention and speak for themselves. An eye-catching visual style is here for you and invites you to look.


Through dedicated and passionate management, I bring your ideas to the final destination. In first place, of course!


Project Organisation And Management.


For successful realisation, every event, entertainment, project and production requires a person who understands organisational needs on the one hand and participants/clients on the other. My job is to make sure that a project is successfully completed with satisfied people on both sides.